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How To Visit The Forest in 2024

The path to The Forest in 2024 is easier than ever before with some updates to how buying, arriving, and thriving in the GA Campgrounds, Lucky Lake, or Good Life Village work.

PUBLISHED: Wed, November 29, 2023

The path to The Forest in 2024 is easier than ever before with some updates to how buying, arriving, and thriving in the GA Campgrounds, Lucky Lake, or Good Life Village work. Pick a path for 2024, and plan for Passes to go on sale Friday, December 8 with Loyalty On Sales happening starting Monday, December 4.

From a single Early Arrival pass and streamlined entry process, to packaged purchases for groups seeking many sought-after camping, Pre-Set Tent, Lodging, and RV options, expanded camping opportunities in Lucky Lake and more… read on.

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How To Visit The Forest in 2024…

  • ⌚ NEW: Early Arrival for GA Campers now begins at 7 PM on Tuesday and remains open around the clock.

    TIP: Purchase Early Arrival GA in your purchase flow.

  • ⛺ NEW: Group Camping is no longer an Add-On.

    Simply start or join a Group Camp (they’ll go On Sale Monday, December 4) and when it forms with 20 people or more, a Group Camping Vehicle Pass will be provided for every three members of the group.

    TIP: New for 2024 - A Group Camping Vehicle Pass now provides Early Arrival starting Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern!

  • 📦 NEW: Passes for Maplewoods, Camp Higher Love, Lucky Lake, and more, are now purchased as a package.

    TIP: Packages include two or more wristbands, with Vehicle or RV Passes bundled and delivered together, to help ease and streamline the purchase process during on sales.

  • 🏕️ NEW: Lucky Lake Lakeside Camping Packages, on the shores of Lucky Lake.

    Park your car at your site and set-up your tent for an unforgettable experience on the beach. Enjoy easy access to swimming, beach activities, and all that Lucky Lake has to offer. Packages include 2 to 4 wristbands and one (1) 4-Day Lucky Lake Vehicle Pass bundled together.

    TIP: All Lucky Lake RV spots are Lakeside!

🔄 UNCHANGED: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Most features and Forest Family favorites remain unchanged for 2024, including…
  • 💚 The Loyalty Program and its discounts, tiers, and benefits are largely unchanged - all On Sale details, 2024 Tiers & Statuses are headed for inboxes now. (Don’t yet have your Loyalty ID, or 2024 Status and Tier? Use the Loyalty Lookup & Recognition Tool!)
  • Payment Plans are back again - put $50, 10% or $25% down and break up payments for as long as four months
  • Most Pre-Set Tent & Lodging Options remain the same including EFfortless Tents, the A/C Landing, Electric Avenue, the Back 40 including Cabins & Log Homes and the Enchanted Experience, and all Frontier Suites.
  • 🔀 The Official Wristband Exchange will be available soon, with the opportunity to both buy from and sell to Forest Family via an HQ verified and supported marketplace - meaning no brokers allowed and zero risk of being sold fraudulent tickets.

HQ hears you and is here for you - and as such continues its commitment to evolving and growing. Forest Family returning to Rothbury in 2024 will find many of the additions or upgrades from 2023 - including the new General Stores, upgraded Main Street in GA Camping, additional pathways, and Lucky Lake options - have expanded capacity, increased amenities, and more.

🗓️ KEY DATES: Loyalty Recognition is open now, and ends at 11:59 PM Eastern tonight. Wristbands, Vehicle Passes, & Packages go on sale on Friday, December 8 with Loyalty On Sales happening from December 4 to 7. Add-Ons, including shuttles, lockers with mobile charging, Forest Food activations, and more, go on sale this Spring.

HAVE A QUESTION? ASK AWAY: Cruise through the Pass Order & Info page, query the FAQs, or bring questions to an AMA with Forest HQ (and our forever helpful and informed friends in the Mod Squad), this Friday, December 1 at 12 Noon Eastern on Reddit & Discord as well as the usual social channels.